Five Years of a Great Run

Like most of the entrepreneurs, it was not easy. I would take a deep breathe and give it off when I think of what my start-up has gone through, in last five years. It's a mixture of both good and bads, ups and downs, achievements and disappointments. Is it successful? Well, success is very relative we know. It differs from people to people. In the case, if having a good business base, regular and long lasted customer relations, the network of resources and significant experience in the industry makes a business successful, then we are.

At Phinix, we do write Blogs and contents for the people, brands, and companies. Then why not for ourselves? Though it has been in my mind for over a year to start blogging our stories, it wasn't a priority until we planned up an expansion, a moving - to next - orbit process along with this 5th-year celebrations.

Happiness is doing something we always wanted to do and keep on doing that. I rarely had a business life separate from my personal life. I and The Phinix Group are no different. So, now the Phinix will tell its stories here. These may not be the extensive and enormous experience stories. But we assure it is going to be simple and interesting start-up tales. Just, letting it be told!